4 Secret Codes For Your Smartphone

Here we have discussed about the Secret Codes of Smartphones and we hope you will like this information. If we talk about these secret codes, with the help of these secret codes Smartphone’s users can perform many tasks. With the help of these secret codes Smartphone’s users can forward his call to another number as well as users can use Internet on Flight Mode. By these secret codes users can also increase the Smartphone’s memory.

Secret Codes

Here we are showing some interesting secret codes of Smartphone below :

1. After dialing this (#*#225#*#*) code in your Smartphone, calendar will open automatically, where every information will be available like Events and Holidays etc..

2. To forward a call on another number just dial this (*62* Another mobile number #) code at which you want to forward your call. To cancel forwarding at another number, users can use this (##002#) code and call will not be forward.

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3. To know IMEI number of your smartphone, just dial (*#06#) and you will get the IMEI number details on your Smartphone’s screen.

4. This is the most important and essential secret code, and it will amaze you totally, if anytime you face problem to reset your smartphone, you can use this code at the time of trouble like forgot screen lock or unable to open settings. Now we are going to tell you about this secret code, this secret code is (*2767*3855#), this secret code is use to format or reset the phone.

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