Screenshot In Xiaomi Smartphone Miui 9

Screenshot In Xiaomi Smartphone Miui 9

Hello miui fans, here is something new about SCREENSHOT IN XIAOMI SMARTPHONES MIUI 9 and we hope you will enjoy it.


Every Smartphone have different types of option and method to take screenshot (Capturing the screen of the phone). In Xiaomi Smartphone the Miui 9 provides you multiple methods to take screenshot (screencast) in a simple way.

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Nowadays many Smartphone users wants to store the data like text information, pictures , chats and so many things while browsing on Internet, while using the Social media (Facebook,Twitter, Instagram and others) and Messenger Application (WhatsApp,we chat,and others).

Here we are providing you the details about the methods of Screenshot in Miui9 :

1.First method in Miui 9 for screenshot -By Pressing volume down key along with Menu Button (left button)
and in this method there is no need to touch the screen.

Simply by pressing the combination of volume down key and menu key (left button) you can take screencast.

2.Second method there is another method in Miui 9 for screenshot – By using Miui Notification panel.
First of all go to the screen for which you want a screencast. Then go through the Miui notification panel and click on screenshot toggle showing in the panel.

In notification panel if you feel that the screenshot toggle is not at easy position and then you can also change the position of the screenshot toggle.

3.Third method in Miui 8 for screencast – By using Quick ball
In Miui 9 there is also a new feature called Quick ball(mi pop in older miui version) contains many shortcuts and Screencast. It is also an important feature available in Quick ball menus and you can easily take Screencast through this function.

You can also change the position of the Screencast in Quick ball through the following settings – Go to settings =>Additional settings =>select shortcut menu =>and then select Shortcut

4. Fourth method in Miui 8 for screencast – By using three Finger
This is very interesting and easiest method for taking Screencast in Miui 8. This is the very new feature in Miui and available only in Miui 8.

Hence there is no need to press any button and for this method no additional settings required. It is already installed and activated feature in Miui9.
Hence in this method you need to Swipe three fingers at any place of the screen to take Screencast.

So we hope this article will be very helpful for you to know about all the methods of Screenshot in Miui9.
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