How To Unlock Boot Loader Of Your Xiaomi Smartphone?

“How To Unlock Boot Loader Of Your Xiaomi Smartphone??”

In Xiaomi Smartphones, if you want to upgrade Miui ROM with any other Custom ROM then you need to use fast boot method. So, first of all you have to unlock Boot loader.

unlock boot loader

In this article we are providing you the proper steps to unlock the Boot loader.

First of all you have to apply for unlock permission of Boot loader to Xiaomi Developer’s team. Follow these steps which are given below :

1. To apply for Unlock Permission visit the website . This is the official forum page and click on “Unlock” option in menu.

2.After click on “Unlock” you will see the official page of “Unlock your Mi device” ,now click on “Unlock Now” button.

3.After click on “Unlock Now” button you will see a login page and login with your Mi account. Once logged in, you can see the unlock permission application page.

4.Now fill the form and please mention the valid reason why do you want to unlock your phone and use Google translation because you have enter the reason in Chinese language.

5.After filling the form you need to enter verification code sent to your phone number and that code is usually valid for only 5 minutes.

6.The website takes some time to send the 6 digit code to your phone number.

7.Multiple click on resend option will block your IP address, please wait for at least 10 minutes.

8.If you receive an error message then please wait for at least 24 hours before applying again to Unlock permission.

9.After entering the verification code you have to wait for approval from Xiaomi developers team and once your application approved you will get notification, generally it takes 3 to 20 days.

10.After getting proper approval you can proceed for Boot loader unlocking process.

To unlock Boot loader, process has some basic requirements

•You need an active Mi account linked with your device and phone number.

•Your device is running on Miui China Beta version 6.1 or newer and If device is Qualcomm version then you can     unlock on Miui Global stable ROM.

•Backup your all important data

•Download Mi Flash tool for windows and install it on your computer system.

•If in case you have not installed China Beta ROM then download recovery ROM and save into your phone storage.

Than In your phone open the Updater and then by tapping on three dots on top right corner of the screen select the    option choose update package and then select the ROM file you stored.


Now follow the steps given below to Unlock Boot loader –

1.Login to your Mi account on your device.

2.Reboot your device into fast boot mode for that turn off your device and press the power button and volume(-) button together.

3.On your computer, open Mi flash tool which you have installed.

4.Now login to Mi flash tool with the same Mi account of your device.

5. Now connect your device to computer by using USB cable.

6.Once you connected your device to computer the Unlock button will active and after that you can click on Unlock to start the process.

7.After unlocking the Boot loader of your device you can flash Custom ROM.

There are some important things about Boot loader unlocking :

•By using one Mi account you can Unlock one device only within 30 days.

•If a message is showing like that “current user is not logged in to connected device” then reboot your device and then login with your account in the device.

•Unlocking Boot loader will wipe all user data. So create backup of all data before proceeding for unlocking.

• We are not giving you any assurity, if anything goes wrong during and after unlocking the Boot loader. So please proceed with your own risk.

After Unlocking the Boot loader successfully if you want to lock the Boot loader of your device back then you can do that by simply flashing official MIUI ROMs.


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