miui 9 global beta

Miui 9 Global Beta Default Home Screen

Miui 9 Global Beta Version

Hello Miui fans, As you know about Miui 9 Global Beta version has rolled out. You all are waiting to know about the new features and changes. There are so many changes has done and new features added by Xiaomi developers team.

Miui 9 Global Beta

Hence we are introducing you with new features. The first one is the New Default Home screen, in which Miui 9 introduces about a new way to show home screen ,  “move apps” from one page to another.

We hope you will enjoy this feature and this feature is very interesting and simple to use.

In previous versions to set screen as default home screen you had to swipe up with three fingers.  THEN  select the screen to set a default home screen. But now in Miui 9 the way to set default home screen is very easy. Only you need to long press menu button. Than you will get settings button once you click on settings you will see default screen settings.
Long press menu button =>select settings =>select default screen settings.

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We hope you will like the New Default Home screen feature of Miui 9. For more updates  please stay tune and subscribe us.
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