Android 8.0 OREO

Android 8.0 OREO for mi A1 Has Been Rolled Out

Android 8.0 OREO for mi A1 Has Been Rolled Out Update Now 

Android 8.0 OREO
Hey, Mi Fans,
We are here to inform you a fantastic news about release of Android 8.0 OREO for mi A1. We have a great news for android lover that Xiaomi rolled out Android 8.0 – OREO for all Mi A1 users. This update brings the latest version of Google’s Smartphone operating system to Mi A1. It allows users to enjoy the latest features and newly launch functions offered by Android 8.0 OREOIt comes with little bit of changes and much more things to explore for you.

What’s new in latest update

  • Improved notifications: includes ability to snooze notifications
  • Picture-in-Picture mode: continue watching a video or take a video call while performing other task
  • Adaptive icons
How to update ?
  • Open settings – system update, and check for updates
Full Changelog and latest improved features
1.  Optimize audio parameters.
2.  Remove the “quick charge” on the lock screen when charging.
3.  Integrate the performance optimization of MIUI.
4.  Fix “Bluetooth power consumption issue”.
5.  Add Korean input method.
6.  Fix “the dialer icon is missing after the upgrade”.
7.  Fix “camera cannot connect sometimes”.
8.  Fix“couldn’t connect to network sometimes”.
9.  Update the Feedback APP.
10. Fix “fingerprint unlocking speed is slow ”. 

Latest and new update’s features in detail: 

Picture-in-Picture Mode
Taking a step further from Android Nougat split screen feature, Android OREO introduces Picture-in-Picture mode. Where once apps enable this, they can display the content over a floating window while performing other tasks, a useful addition to watching videos or for video calls. Currently, VLC and YouTube (needs YouTube Red) have this feature live.

Snooze Individual Notifications
Sooner or later, an inappropriate notification will ding when you don’t have time to deal with it. Oreo has a special feature to deal with it. Just swipe right (not too much though) on the notification and then tap the icon (clock one) to snooze it. By default it will be snoozed for 1 hour, you can click on ‘time’ to change it.


More Features

Adaptive Icons
With the whole lot of Fission of different shape of app icons on home screen, it was a tough job to include every shape of icons for different shape needs for app developers. Now app developer can ship their apps with adaptive icons, which will change the shape accordingly to circle, square, squircle or freeform accordingly when enabled. You need to enable developer options first (keep tapping your build number in about phone section) and then check home screen settings. 
Wi-Fi Aware
Android Oreo comes with inbuilt API where two devices running on Android O will be able to discover them on same Wi-Fi network and can create a private network between them, although not visible for the user this is inclusion which app developers can use it to further develop the features based on it. 
Rescue Party
A new feature introduced, called Rescue Party comes included with Android OREO applies a series of quick fixes. When your Smartphone repeatedly reboots or when a persistent app continuously crashes, in the direction to lessen out the chances of boot loops. 
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What is your favorite feature among this and why? Let us know in the comments below

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